How To Generate Traffic To Your Website Through Article Marketing

Published: 01st August 2012
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Article marketing - in which you write and publish articles online to boost the visibility and popularity of your internet business - provides you with two main benefits that will help drive traffic to your website:

1) Backlinks from articles posted to the internet that are directed back to your website increase the visibility of your website.

2) Articles appearing across the internet with links to your website show search engines that your website is popular and relevant to your subject, which enhances your search ranking.

The first point is not as important today as it used to be. There was a time when it was worth investing lots of time and effort to build up backlinks, and while this still helps build your internet 'footprint', search engines no longer place such high value on the volume of backlinks.

The second factor is now much more important when using articles to drive traffic. The more articles containing relevant keywords and information that contain links to your site, the higher the ranking that search engines will assign your site for searches under those keywords.

Article marketing should therefore be a key component of any traffic generation strategy, and adhering to certain guidelines will maximise the effectiveness of your articles…

Grab and keep your readers' attention

First, the headline or title of your article must grab the attention of readers. Think of your article titles as sales letter headlines.

Decide which keywords or key phrases you want your article to be found under. Ensure you include those key terms in your headline and in the body of the text, particularly in the first couple of paragraphs. However, don't overdo this as repeating your key terms too many times will make your article difficult to read and appear unnatural. Including those terms five to ten times in an article should be fine.

TIP: At all times, remember to write for your readers, not the search engines.

Provide readers with valuable information

Your articles must provide readers with valuable information that makes them glad they invested the time to read the articles. You make an enticing offer through your article title and the article itself must follow through and deliver on that promise.

Keep your content unique

Search engines assign the highest rankings to authority websites - those that provide lots of valuable information to readers. One way to maximise your search engine ranking is therefore to create and publish online a large number of high-quality articles that contain links back to your site.

However, search engines also value information that is unique. If you create one article and publish it to 50 locations online, that content is no longer unique. What's worse, if you publish the piece to a popular article directory, that directory might be given credit for the article - even though you wrote it - on account of huge article resources that such directories possess, and that individual authors have no chance of matching.

What's the solution? It takes a little more effort and time, but the best way to get around this is to tweak each version of your article that you publish. This way, you can keep the content on your website unique, which maximises its value in the eyes of the search engines.

Resource box - the single most important reason for article marketing

While your articles have to provide readers with valuable information, their single most important function to your internet marketing business is to encourage readers to visit your website. This is where the resource box comes in. This is a section at the bottom of your articles where you provide a brief description of your website, possibly a brief description of you and, most importantly, include a link back to your website. Even better, give readers an attractive reason to visit your website, for example by highlighting a special offer you are running or a valuable free gift available to subscribers.

Start your article marketing campaign today. It's free and remains one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. It won't create the instant traffic rush that other techniques such as pay-per-click advertising can, but article marketing lays a solid foundation to long-term traffic generation that has the potential to underpin your online business for years ahead.


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